Les Saveurs french private kitchen

Good food and wine and nice restaurant, an utmost valued wine lunch on 20 August 2016

La Casa 21 Jun 2016

An enjoyable night at La Casa on 21 Jun 2016

King's Choice Wine Dinner

菜雍坊酒宴 2016年5月24日

Wine Voyage @ArtOne

Wine Voyage @ArtOne - 法國五月節葡萄酒巡禮節目之一 2016年5月9日

food & wine live music experience @Okapi

food & wine live music experience @Okapi 19 April 2016

QUEENS Jewellery tasting

一連兩星期的QUEENS試酒會,Unique Wine 共分享了差不多20款來自法國不同地區的美酒。客人除了來試酒外,還帶了美食一齊邊吃邊喝,話題豈止於珠寶與美酒!

Corporate Tasting @Kwai Chung

Noel has conducted a wine tasting for a corporate client, which is certainly a good staff activity as well as training.


Unique Wine 再度與紅磡名廚舉辦 "名廚美酒蟠龍宴"。反應熱烈, 過百人全場爆滿。


GASTROBOX Wine Dinner on 4 November 2015

Alisan Fine Arts

A wine reception for Lui Shou Kwan exhibition opening at the Hong Kong Arts Centre on 23 September 2015

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